[FRIDAY FAVES] Shattered Glass, Burrata Cheese, and Frozen Wine?

Photo: Dale Gray via Unsplash

Hello, friend! I hope you're having a fantastic Friday! Make it even better by checking out this list of fun things we like this week:

FRIDAY FAVES - 6.25.21

- If you're looking for a new podcast for your commute, try the new Shattered Glass, hosted by Kristen Bell and Monica Padman. Each epsiode, Kristen and Monica interview a different woman who has played a part in cracking that dastardly glass ceiling. 

- If you prefer a lighter listen, try Add To Cart, a podcast about the products and ideas that Kulap Vilaysack and SuChin Pak are putting in and taking out of their "carts" each week.

- This seems like the freshest spring side dish! Snap peas and burrata? I'm in.

- If you'd like a wine pairing for that snap pea delight (above), pop the cork on a bottle of Evolúció (dry) Furmint!

- Also, this stone fruit and burrata salad!

- Here are four books to broaden your persepective during Pride month.

- Start freezing your leftover wine! Great for sangria slushies or adding to a future sauce...


Photo: Emily Rentsch

Happy (early) Father's Day! I hope your weekend plans include spoiling the father figure in your life. Please enjoy this little list of fun things!

FRIDAY FAVES - 6.18.21

- Our sister company, Cépage, is slinging a cute little snack bundle called the Summer Hangout pack! Full of popcorn, addictive cashews and buttery baby cookies, consider it your go-to nosh for all of those summer social events. Check it out here.

- This vibrant panzanella with mozzarella is on my summer to-make list!

- A little tutorial on how to adopt the spirit of those colorful makeup trends that are making their way around TikTok. (Hello, I'm old!)

- I'm a new Fenty Beauty convert! Their Instant Retouch Concealer is the BEST. The stuff won't budge!

- Get inspired by Kate Arends' summer bucket list.

See you next week!


—Emily Rentsch

6 Wines To Chill This Summer

Photo: Amusée

Do these humid, 90-degree days (at least, that's what it like here in Minnesota) have you dreaming about a slippery, sweating glass of cold white wine? We're with you!

One of the many magical features of wine is that it can totally transform depending on its temperature. A cool wine often feels a little tighter, a little brisker and a little less opulent than a room temperature one. Putting a little chill on a wine can also highlight different notes in flavor that might suprise you!

Summer's heat is the perfect excuse to start experimenting with chilled wines, especially reds that you might normally relegate to colder months. There are loads of light-bodied red grapes out there that shine when served cool! So clear a little space in your fridge and start below, with our list of 6 wines to chill this summer.


LIOCO 'Indica' Rosé | Mendocino County, CA
This rosé of Carignan is the perfect full-flavored but high-acidity wine to gulp on the patio this summer. On...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Dad's Day, Cold Brew, And A Review of 19 Crimes Rosé

Photo: Anshu A via Unsplash

Welcome to Friday! It's been a TOASTY week in Minneapolis, so I hope you're staying cool wherever you are. Enjoy today's list of goodies, and have a great weekend!

FRIDAY FAVES - 6.11.21

- You guys. Leslee did a video review of 19 Crimes Snoop Dogg rosé and it is hilarious! Here's a teaser quote from the lady herself: "The taste...is a little bit like the Kool-Aid man...crashing through a big giant wall saying, Oh no instead of Oh yes." Go watch it!

- If you're stumped for Father's Day, check out our SHOP section stuffed with wines your father figure will enjoy!

- When summer hits, do you go straight for the iced coffee? I've been loving Fit Foodie Finds' take on Starbucks' Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. It's just a little sweet, super smooth, and way cheaper when you make it at home.

- This green shakshuka looks like a divine breakfast. Best vegetarian meal ever!

- It's sunscreen season! Here are 5 mineral sunscreen recs from Cup of Jo.

See you next week!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Spanish Rosé, Mango Pie, and One Freaky Pool

Photo: Emily Webster via Unsplash

Hello, friend! Get your sunny weekend started with this whimsical list of internet fun. Enjoy!


- This leopard-print backpack from Baggu looks like a killer summer accessory!

- Get lost in these cutesy photos of amigurumi (little 3D crocheted items). New hobby alert?

- June 12th is National Rosé Day! Stock up here. The Bodegas Itxas Harri Roxa Rosé from Spain is particularly lovely: bright with minerality and delicate fruit.

- Would you swim in this pool?

- I've never had mango pie before and I think my life is about to change for the better. YUM.

Enjoy your weekend!

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