FRIDAY FAVES // Tomato Season, Comedy Specials, and Ice Cream Cakes

Photo: Molly Keesling via Unsplash

Hope you're having a fantastic Friday! Here's a short list of great things to enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 8.19.22

- I can't stop thinking about how completely cute this enamelware is!

- How are you celebrating tomato season? Caprese salads, gazpacho, panzanella, BLTs! And you know what pairs perfectly with tomatoes? ITALIAN WINE.

- If you're looking for a little alt comedy inspiration, check out Would It Kill You To Laugh? starring Kate Berlant and John Early. It's a totally weird and hilarious hour of sketch comedy on Peacock. 

- Can you imagine spending quiet Saturday mornings in this gorgeous retreat?

- Have you ever had Baked Alaska? It screams summer!

Until next time!

FRIDAY FAVES // Blades, Stars, and Creamy Cheese

Photo: Shayna Douglas via Unsplash

Hey there! Ready for the weekend? Take a look at this week's list of internet goodies and enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 8.12.22

- This sunny kitchen makes me want to cook! And this bathroom is a delight.

- Do people still rollerblade? I might be willing to revisit the sport if I could wear these cuties.

- This article digs into why millennials are obsessed with astrology. 

- Consider this your reminder that Cremont double-cream cheese is to DIE FOR.

- While we're on the subject, this sparkling wine and this Riesling would both be fantastic with a creamy cheese.

Have a great day!

FRIDAY FAVES // NA Drinks, Zesty Pink Wines, and Dining Out in New York

Photo: No Revisions via Unsplash

Hi! I hope your week has been lovely. Here are some things that caught our eye on the internet this week!


- Regretful pandemic purchases. We've all got 'em, right?

- I wish there were more hyper-detailed guides to eating out in a specific city. This one about New York from Cup of Jo is great!

- "Inside the New Temperance Movement."

- I can't stop drinking this lip smacking pink!

- Oreo announces the return of a CLASSIC flavor. Can you guess what it is?

- Can't get over this tipsy selfie Martha Stewart posted on her 81st birthday. Also—the lady looks GOOD!

See you next time!

FRIDAY FAVES // Make Your Own Choco Taco, a Perfect Pasta, and Pink Vibes

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Happy Friday! Before you dig into your sunny weekend plans, check out what we're loving this week. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.29.22

- Is this Pantry Pasta the perfect weeknight slam dunk?! I think yes. Throw in all of that fresh zucchini you've got hanigng around.

- The cuteness is WILD in this piece by Bess Kalb, "Passive Aggressive Emails With My Toddler About Dinner."

- Can you guess what color Leslee painted our new brick and mortar wine shop?!

- Just found out that Brooklinen makes a DEEPLY fluffy robe. Mmm.

- Missing Choco Tacos like the rest of the country? Here's a simple video on how to make your own. Or, you can watch Claire Saffitz make one!

Have a good one!


FRIDAY FAVES // In Praise of Dinner Parties, Fake Cakes, and Chilling Those Reds!

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Happy Friday! Get your weekend started with a few super fun things we collected this week. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.22.22

- I love a good cozy mystery, and Anthony Horowitz's semi-meta English mystery called Magpie Murders is SO wonderful. 

- Did you know we're opening up a retail location in Minneapolis?! Surreal! Exciting! Follow along on our Instagram account for all of the updates.

- "How Dinner Parties Became the Fuzzy Blanket of Adulthood," via Bon Appétit.

- And one more piece from BA, about how you should chill those red wines, y'all!

- These playful bubble vases are on my wish list.

- So is this jewelry box disguised as a fake cake. I mean!

Have a great weekend!


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