[FRIDAY FAVES] Pretty Stemware, Pizza, and Valentine's Day Treats

Photo: Leslie Cross via Unsplash

Hello, friends and welcome to Friday! We've collected a few whimsies for you to start your weekend off with. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 1.29.21

- Our somm, Leslee, can't stop staring at this stunning colored stemware; they're like "jewels for your table." Talk about a gorgeous upgrade to your nightly glass of wine!

- What happens when Candy Hearts and Kraft Mac & Cheese get together? Hmm, I've got my doubts about this collab...

- In other love related news, we just added a new section to the SHOP, packed with 18 different bottles of wine you could bestow upon your Valentine. Muah!

- February marks the return of one of my favortie local pizza spots, Northern Fires, in South Minneapolis. Honestly? I would back these pies in a pizza line-up any day!

- Loving this new travel guide to Sedona, Arizona, from our buddies at Ready & Roam. Check out their big list of U.S. guides if you're craving a safe getaway!

Thanks for reading!


—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] A Great Non-Alcoholic Wine (Seriously)

Photo: Tamara Schipchinskaya via Unsplash

Happy Inauguration week! Here are some wonderfully NON-political things you might like:

FRIDAY FAVES - 1.22.21

- WE'VE FOUND IT: A delicious non-alcoholic wine! Actually, we've found TWO of them! Our sommelier, Leslee, personally endorses these two zero-proof whites. Give them a shot if you're trying to cut back. They also make great  gifts for the pregnant or sober friend.

- Make-up inspired by Animal Crossing? I'd buy it!

- Six ways to open up a bottle without a bottle opener! These are the skills that matter.

- I'm excited for the debut of these 2021 movies!

- Ok, I couldn't help myself. This is a leeeeetle political, but mostly just hilarious: Bernie Sanders on the Stone Arch Bridge.

Have a nice weekend!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Millenial Movies, White Wine, and Lisa Frank Vibes

Photo: Christin Hume via Unsplash

During this nutsy political week we looked for the levity in things. Please enjoy these bits of joy and have a great weekend!

FRIDAY FAVES - 1.15.21

- Artist Sari Shryack makes juicy and whimsical pop culture oil paintings that totally speak to the 90s kid. We're talkin' lip gloss and Lisa Frank vibes. I especially love this pastel mall scene!

- The new movie Save Yourselves! is a hilarious/satirical/suspenseful story that follows two extremely millenial young people as they try to unplug from the world for a week. So good and so unexpected. Find it on Hulu!

- If you're already sick of red wine (wait, what?!), check out 18 creamy, comforting white wines to get you through the winter. Our somm, Leslee, says she could drink the Ca' Lojera Lugana Verdicchio just about every day. Yum!

- Get something fun on your calendar! Leslee is leading three virtual wine classes over the next two months. They're affordable, easy to get to (ha!), and a great way to discover something new. Check them...

[FRIDAY FAVES] The Tools of Relaxation

Photo: John Fowler via Unsplash

You made it through a week of 2021! Congrats. Please reward yourself with some whimsical browsing and enjoy these relaxing ideas we love:


- Oh hey, it's National Bubble Bath Day! Check out this list of yummy products for maximum bubbles and relaxation. And make sure to have a great beverage on hand when you soak! Might I suggest this blushing sparkling wine?

- I think I found my holy grail of skincare—Flamingo! Yes, they mostly make razors, but the company also puts out a delicious-smelling and very affordable bundle of lotions and potions that will keep you silky all winter long. I particularly love the hydrating spray. 

- Have you explored the joys of snowshoeing?

- Loving the idea of an uber list in place of typical New Year's resolutions. Critic Danielle Henderson, of the film podcast I Saw What You Did, details her yearly uber list on the podcast's latest episode. (Also, this podcast is THE BEST! If you want to explore movies with two smart gals, have a...

Happy New Year! And A Dry(ish) January

Photo: Rinck Content Studio via Unsplash

Happy New Year! It's always nice to have an excuse to hit REFRESH, right?

For some of us, that refresh might include a little break—or just a step back—from alcohol. Helloooo, Dry(ish) January! A moment to cleanse the system and make life a little simpler. If that's your plan, perhaps you're in the market for some non- or low-alcohol beverages options? Boy, have I got a drink for you!

It's a fruit shrub! A homemade one, in fact, and it's incredibly easy to make.

Fruit shrubs are vinegar-based fermented beverages that make for zippy mixers that almost mimic the funk and complexity of wine or booze. Add an ounce or two of this shrub to seltzer and garnish with fresh mint for a refreshing mocktail. You could also cut a glass of dry sparkling wine with shrub and a bit of seltzer and pretend it's New Years Eve all over again. Either way, this little concoction (recipe below) should get your creative juices flowing in a healthy, life-affirming way.



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