FRIDAY FAVES // Retro Rooms, Wine Photography, and Tom Hanks Highjinks

Photo: Christina Deraved via Unsplash

Hi! Hope you're enjoying your Friday! And if you're not, here are a few little bits to cheer you up. Enjoy.


- Let this delightfully retro-styled London flat brighten your day.

- In the market for some roller skates? Me neither! But these sure are CUTE.

- Check out these striking photos showcasing unique views of the wine world. They are all finalists for the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2022. 

- Omg, did you hear about how Tom Hanks photo-bombed a wedding?!

- Don't forget to order some wine for Easter Sunday! Purchse by April 10th to receive your bottles in time.

Enjoy your day!

—Emily Rentsch

FRIDAY FAVES // Puppy Clips, Malted Coffee, and Wine in a Forest

Photo: Zac Sopak via Unsplash

Welcome to April! And Friday! I hope you've got amazing plans for the weekend, but first, take a look at a few things we loved this week.


- As a child of the 90s, I love seeing the resurgence of chunky hair clips, claws, and whimsical hair accessories. How cute are these puppy-shaped clips?!

- If you're smitten with Starbucks' new iced drink, the Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, try this copycat version at home! If you're lazy like me, skip making the vanilla syrup and instead do this: add a splash of vanilla extract, a teaspoon of malt powder, and an ounce of simple syrup to the hot espresso before shaking it with ice. YUM.

- Oof, eggplant parmesan sounds GOOD right now. Devour it with this Lagrein.

- "Exactly How Nannies Help Powerful Women Do It All", via The Cut

- Our sommelier, Leslee, is teaching a pop-up wine sensory class IN A FOREST. INSIDE A HOTEL. Next Tuesday! If you're in the Minneapolis area, please consider joining her for this immersive...

FRIDAY FAVES // Marshmallow Sandals, Underwater Wines, and Terrazzo Moments

Photo: Veronika Jorjober via Unsplash

Hey, thanks for stopping by! We're getting ready for snow-free weekend here in Minneapolis. Hurray! And here are a few things we've been thinking about.

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.25.22

- My mind is on sandal weather. What do we think about these bright pink marshmallow slides?!

- Hey, Justin Beaver!

- Wines aged under water? It's a thing!

- This tomato soup over on Wit&Delight looks luscious. Pair it with a wine from our Soup SHOP section!

- I love a terrazzo moment and these bookends are a DELIGHT. Actually, this entire Etsy store is a delight!

Have a lovely day!

—Emily Rentsch

FRIDAY FAVES // Pasta Tarot, Easter Eats, and Dumpling Candles

Photo: Karsten Wurth via Unsplash

Hello! I hope your week was awesome. The ground is thawing out here in Minnesota! Life is good. Now read this list of fun things!

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.18.22


- A pasta-themed tarot deck? I could get into that...

- I love this Instagram account that chronicles one woman's ritual of taking a long, daily walk. It's lovely. Oh, and she has amaaaazing long white hair!

- The best part of Easter—in my opinion—are those addictive little Cadbury mini eggs. So crackly and creamy! Here are 10 things you might not know about this seasonal snack.

- Speaking of Easter! Have you checked out our Easter + Passover SHOP section? Leslee has picked out a bunch of wines to go with whatever you plan on feasting on during the spring holidays.

- Candles shaped like little dumplings? Um, excuse me?! 

Have a great weekend!

—Emily Rentsch


[FRIDAY FAVES] Popcorn, Anti-Crypto Actors, and Mushroom Lamps

Photo: Melanie Stander via Unsplash

Welcome to Friday! I hope your week has been good and that your weekend is GREAT. Here's what we love on the internet right now!

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.11.22


- I'm SO intrigued by Opopop, which is "flavor wrapped" microwave popcorn. Excuse me?!

- Remember Ryan from the show The O.C.? The actor who played him—Ben McKenzie—has emerged as full-on anti-crypto currency evangelist. Fascinating.

- Girl Scout cookies + wine are a totally underrated pairing! Check out our blog post on the topic.

- I've always wanted one of these little mushroom lamps.

- Writer Doree Shafrir just started a newsletter geared toward moms who want to renew focus on their own lives (not just the lives of their kids). If you're a mother of young kids, especially, this is for you.

Thanks for reading!

—Emily Rentsch

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