Pairing Wine to Our Favorite Dads in Pop Culture

Photo: Laker via Pexels

For Father's Day this year, we picked four of our favorite TV father figures and paired wine to their personalities. Highly recommend trying it for yourself! There are so many great dad-like characters (and wines) out there, right? Enjoy!

In many ways, Phil Dunphy of Modern Family could be the epitome of a suburban dad—three kids, nice house, Dad jokes for days. But what makes Phil special is his relentless optimism and whimsical nature. He's kind of like a big kid, and boy do we love him for it. 

Unico Zelo 'Fresh A.F.'
 | Riverland, South Australia, Australia
With its deep red hue, this fantastically hip Nero d'Avola reads like a stereotypically "dude" wine. But its whimsical notes of glazed blueberry hand pie and fresh, snappy wild berries give it a childlike essence that perfectly reflects Phil's sweet demeanor and contagious energy. Add a little chill to this one before you serve it to make it shine!

Like every character in The Last of Us, Joel Miller has been beaten...

FRIDAY FAVES // Comic Book Cookbooks, How to Build the Perfect Case of Wine, Plus Wine and Wrestling!

Photo: Sip Better

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all those celebrating! Here are some lovely little tidbits to brighten your Friday.



- If you were toying with the idea of making your own dumplings at home, maybe this super cool COMIC BOOK COOKBOOK called Let's Make Dumplings! will push you over the edge!

- These Eucalyptus Shower Steamers are ideal for creating a relaxing without the hassle of running a bath.

- We just added brand new goodies to the SHOP! Check out the section for Father's Day and another on building the perfect case of wine.

- Highly recommend checking out the new Showtime show I Love That For You, starring Vanessa Bayer of SNL. So cute! And apparently it's loosely based on some of Vanessa's own life experiences. 

- Bet you didn't know that wine and professional wrestling have a history!

Have a sunny day!

—Emily Rentsch

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