[FRIDAY FAVES] Cozy Fires, Celebrity Gossip, And A Little Cab Franc

Photo: Rafael Leao via Unsplash

It's Friday! Time to relax! Here's a little list of things we loved this week.

FRIDAY FAVES - 2.26.21

- If you're one of those people with a teetering stack of unread books on your nightstand (me!), check out comedian Chelsea Devantez's podcast, Celebrity Book Club. Each episode is a delectable re-cap of a different female celebrity's memoir. I recommend starting with the Demi Moore episode

- We're loving on this perfect weeknight wine: Domaine de Pallus 'Mesanges' Rouge, a Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley that's under $20! Get a load of Leslee's lovely description of it: Rich, with intense notes of savory olive tapenade, roasted hatch chile, spiced blackberry + freshly dried tobacco leaf all wrapped up in a silky, dark purplely package. Swoon!

- Now THESE are the barrettes I have been searching for! What do you think?

- Check out this ultimate guide to building the coziest, aromatic fire in your fireplace. Just in time for the weekend!

Have a great day!

[RECIPE] Mulled Wine Your Way

Photo: Photo via Canva

It's hot drink season! What's YOUR favorite warm beverage?

Personally, I love a cheerful mug of mulled wine. It combines the best of Fall spices with the fire and complexity of a wonderful red wine. And the clincher is that it's SO. EASY. TO. MAKE! 

Below is a simple recipe for making a batch of your own mulled wine. But it's really more of a guideline. Mulled wine is highly conducive to tinkering, so make it your own.


- If you like a LOT of cinnamon, add a couple more sticks!

- Want to cut back on the booze? Substitute the Brandy or Port for a few glugs of apple cider or a couple tablespoons of sugar.

- Maybe you hate oranges! Instead, toss in a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or whole peppercorns for a savory vibe.

Choose a wine with a flavor profile that compliments your ingredients (warm baking spices, orange, etc.), like a Montepulciano or a dry Portuguese red.  Make sure it's affordable AND delicious.

Here are a few recommendations from Sip Better:


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