FRIDAY FAVES // In Praise of Dinner Parties, Fake Cakes, and Chilling Those Reds!

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Happy Friday! Get your weekend started with a few super fun things we collected this week. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.22.22

- I love a good cozy mystery, and Anthony Horowitz's semi-meta English mystery called Magpie Murders is SO wonderful. 

- Did you know we're opening up a retail location in Minneapolis?! Surreal! Exciting! Follow along on our Instagram account for all of the updates.

- "How Dinner Parties Became the Fuzzy Blanket of Adulthood," via Bon Appétit.

- And one more piece from BA, about how you should chill those red wines, y'all!

- These playful bubble vases are on my wish list.

- So is this jewelry box disguised as a fake cake. I mean!

Have a great weekend!


[FRIDAY FAVES] Warm Blankets, Soup + Wine Pairings, and More!

We're feelin' all things COZY this Friday! There's just something about the temperatures dropping a bit that has us dreaming about the warm and toasty things in life. 

FRIDAY FAVES - 11.5.21

- The Bearaby Weighted Blanket is both aesthetically appealing and oh so snuggly. We are loving the Cotton Napper in cloud white. These weighted snugglers have some amazing health benefits too—umm yes please! We could never say no to a GOOD night's sleep!

- If you're craving soup these days, we've got the perfect sourdough bites from Rustic Bakery. We're thinking a creamy tomato basil to dip those bites in! Customize your own Cépage box here and be sure to add them to your box or gift bag!

- Speaking of tomato basil soup... have you tried the Meinklang Burganland Red? It's an easy and snappy red that pairs incredibly with... you guessed it! Tomato soup! It has notes of cranberry, anise, basil, tomato leaf, and black currant. Give it a rip with your next home cooked meal or enjoy it on its own!...

For The Love Of Canned Wine

Photo: Nick Scheerbart via Unsplash

Hello from my house!

Isn't that where we all are during this COVID-19 pandemic? Inside of our houses?

One of the only true pleasures of these long days of self-isolation is that nature walks and moments outside are PLENTIFUL. Some of us can even see our friends and family by carefully meeting up with them in socially distant-safe spaces. Like the woods! Or a sprawling state park. A couple of lawn chairs in a big green space is the only way to party these days. 

And guess what! There's a canned wine for that situation. The intrepid and ever-inspiring Broc Cellars has made their Love Wines walkable.

Broc Cellars Love Wine boxes
[above photos by Vinnie Biskupic]

Winemaker Chris Brockway champions minimal intervention winemaking techniques and ethical farming practices, and his Love Wines are crafted to express this mission while also being super affordable. Gotta love a wine that makes your heart AND your wallet feel good, right? And now that Brockway's Love Red and Love White blends are available in cans, the...

The Pleasures of Low Alcohol Wine

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

When it comes to healthy living, wine--and alcohol in general--often doesn't fit into the picture. Whether you're counting calories or just trying to keep your alcohol consumption light, an abstract wine label can leave you wondering what the heck you're actually consuming and what it might mean for your health. Luckily, you really only need to know one thing: Alcohol content matters! When you see that little percentage on a wine label, pay attention. 

Alcohol content signals a few things. First of all, it's the primary way to decide whether or not a wine is high in calories. Because alcohol is produced with sugars (in wine's case, natural grape sugars), we know that wines with a larger alcohol content (15% +) may contain left over sugar (called residual sugar) because the yeast used in the fermentation process has been exhausted. Remember, yeast eats sugar--kind of like Ms. Pac-man--during the fermentation process, and the bioproduct is alcohol. Wines that contain this left over...

Stranger Wines For Halloween

Photo: Netflix

October is the perfect time to binge watch (again) season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. I mean, what could be more Halloween-adjacent than a little weird and retro romp through Demagorgon-infested Hawkins, Indiana? Exactly.

Season three of Stranger Things brings the advent of The Mall, that glorious beacon of the 1980s. It’s new, it’s flashy, it’s...strange! Everyone in Hawkins loves it and the Starcourt Mall is really the center of some of the juiciest, most climactic moments in the season.

In the final scenes of the season, the Stranger Things gang splits up into smaller groups to more effectively kick the Mind Flayer's butt. Each group gets a code name to communicate with the others over walkie talkie: The Griswold Family, The Scoops Troop, and Bald Eagle (of course!). So, in the spirit of trying new and strange things, I’m recommending a super off-the-beaten-path wine to pair with each of the Stranger Things factions that face the Mind Flayer in this spooky and totally rad...

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