FRIDAY FAVES // In Praise of Dinner Parties, Fake Cakes, and Chilling Those Reds!

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Happy Friday! Get your weekend started with a few super fun things we collected this week. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.22.22

- I love a good cozy mystery, and Anthony Horowitz's semi-meta English mystery called Magpie Murders is SO wonderful. 

- Did you know we're opening up a retail location in Minneapolis?! Surreal! Exciting! Follow along on our Instagram account for all of the updates.

- "How Dinner Parties Became the Fuzzy Blanket of Adulthood," via Bon Appétit.

- And one more piece from BA, about how you should chill those red wines, y'all!

- These playful bubble vases are on my wish list.

- So is this jewelry box disguised as a fake cake. I mean!

Have a great weekend!


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