[FRIDAY FAVES] Rye Cookies, Cadbury Beer, and Orange Wine

Photo: Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash

I hope you're having a lovely, balmy week! We've been enjoying the sun and the following list of delightful things. Hope you enjoy it too!


- Two extremely good cookie recipes you should try: the New York Times' Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies and Claire Saffitz's buttery Thrice Baked Rye Cookies. Don't let the rye flour dissuade you! The results are impossibly nutty and delicious.

- Excited to try this full-body mineral peel from Org Skincare. When you can't go to a spa, get the spa delivered to you in a bottle!

- We just added an ORANGE section to our SHOP! It features six exciting skin contact wines that'll brighten your glass. And if you're curious about the term skin contact, go check out our quick primer on the subject.

- Speaking of wine curiousity, our somm, Leslee, just posted a bunch of new virtual wine classes for the spring. Tickets available here!

- Cadbury and Goose Island have teamed up to make a gooey-licious beer inspired by the creme-filled Easter...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Cozy Fires, Celebrity Gossip, And A Little Cab Franc

Photo: Rafael Leao via Unsplash

It's Friday! Time to relax! Here's a little list of things we loved this week.

FRIDAY FAVES - 2.26.21

- If you're one of those people with a teetering stack of unread books on your nightstand (me!), check out comedian Chelsea Devantez's podcast, Celebrity Book Club. Each episode is a delectable re-cap of a different female celebrity's memoir. I recommend starting with the Demi Moore episode

- We're loving on this perfect weeknight wine: Domaine de Pallus 'Mesanges' Rouge, a Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley that's under $20! Get a load of Leslee's lovely description of it: Rich, with intense notes of savory olive tapenade, roasted hatch chile, spiced blackberry + freshly dried tobacco leaf all wrapped up in a silky, dark purplely package. Swoon!

- Now THESE are the barrettes I have been searching for! What do you think?

- Check out this ultimate guide to building the coziest, aromatic fire in your fireplace. Just in time for the weekend!

Have a great day!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Hot Soup, Cute Mugs, and Good Advice

Photo: Brook Lark via Unsplash

Congratulations on not freezing to death this week! Minnesota has been rocking negative temps for days now, so let's reward ourselves with a little internet warmth. Please enjoy!


- Dying for this creamy cauliflower soup recipe over at the New York Times, that just so happens to be vegan! It would be great with a light-bodied white wine, or you could pop open a bottle of supple, grapefruity Zlatan Pošip to sip alongside it.

- Perusing the beauties made by Nimble Ceramics is bringing me extreme joy right now. Those mugs!

- A lovely list of skincare goodies, all from Black-owned businesses

- Podcaster (and husband to the lovable Kristin Bell!) Dax Shepherd has a new monthly series called Armchaired and Dangerous, where he and David Farrier discusses the bizarre world of conspiracy theories. It's fascinating and lighthearted at the same time! [Can you tell I love podcasts??]

- I love this post on Wit & Delight, chronicling one writer's favorite bits of advice she's...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Iconic Singers and Pizza Friendly Wine!

Photo: Vita Marija Murenaite via Unsplash

Happy Valentine's Day week! I hope you have fun plans with your cutie(s)! In the meantime, here's a small list of stuff we love.

FRIDAY FAVES - 2.12.21

- One way we're celebrating Black History Month is with this super cool t-shirt from Phenomenal, inspired by a photo of Diana Ross. Iconic! Phenomenal's mission is to "bring awareness to issues affecting underrepresented communities."

- Here are 13 excellent wines you'll want to drink with your next cheesy slice of pizza. Aaaand, if you want a suggestion, we are partial to pies from Boludo and Northern Fires.

- Have you seen the Bee Gees documentary yet? I promise, even if you're not a fan, you will leave feeling inspired and like the world is full of possibilities.

- Speaking of the Bee Gees...remember this SNL skit? Cracks me up EVERY TIME and I regularly watch it just to brighten my mood.

- This is one of my favorite house tours on Apartment Therapy. Bold use of color in a minimalist space—great inspiration!


—Emily Rentsch

[Friday Faves] Remove For Champagne

Photo: Afia Raisa via Unsplash

Hey there, wine lovers, I hope you're enjoying a cozy Friday! Here are a few things we're digging this week. Enjoy!


- Add a little humor to  your mask game! One of Leslee's favorites reads "Remove For Champagne" in pretty beaded letters.

- Is this not the cheekiest notebook? Perfect for tasting notes!

- This deep dive into the discrimination at Bon Appetit is fascinating.

- Could you resist a wine called "Love You Bunches"?

- These mimosa sugar cubes are the cutest! If you try them, let me know how they work!

Have a great weekend!

—Emily Rentsch

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