FRIDAY FAVES // Wine for Gardening, Addictive Cheese Crunchies, and More

Photo: Elena Rabkina via Unsplash

Welcome to the weekend! Please enjoy this list of fun things we found on the internet. Here's to a sunny few days of  rest!

FRIDAY FAVES - 5.13.22


- I love this look into the sweet and women-run world of Poshmark.

- Getting out in the garden this weekend? Try these crushable, low-alcohol wines for enjoying in the sun: Ameztoi Txakolina is a fresh and salty white, and Feudo Di Santa Tresa Frappato is a chillable red.

- Have you tried Trader Joe's Fancy Cheese Crunchies because YOU NEED TO. They'd be a great addition to a casual cheese board!

- Tips for buying wine when you're in a rush! ;)

- And finally, we've updated our SHOP! Check it out for Father's Day wine ideas and how to build the perfect case of wine.

See you next time!

—Emily Rentsch

FRIDAY FAVES // Comic Book Cookbooks, How to Build the Perfect Case of Wine, Plus Wine and Wrestling!

Photo: Sip Better

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all those celebrating! Here are some lovely little tidbits to brighten your Friday.



- If you were toying with the idea of making your own dumplings at home, maybe this super cool COMIC BOOK COOKBOOK called Let's Make Dumplings! will push you over the edge!

- These Eucalyptus Shower Steamers are ideal for creating a relaxing without the hassle of running a bath.

- We just added brand new goodies to the SHOP! Check out the section for Father's Day and another on building the perfect case of wine.

- Highly recommend checking out the new Showtime show I Love That For You, starring Vanessa Bayer of SNL. So cute! And apparently it's loosely based on some of Vanessa's own life experiences. 

- Bet you didn't know that wine and professional wrestling have a history!

Have a sunny day!

—Emily Rentsch

FRIDAY FAVES // No-Bake Tahini Bars, Wine Country Travel, and A Unicorn Robe

Photo: Nadya Shuran via Unsplash

Hello! It's Fridaaaaay! Go ahead and relax with this little list of stuff we're loving right now.

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.29.22


- This kid really took advantage of her first communion!

- Peanut butter cups have NOTHING on these extremely silky and delicious no-bake Tahini bars.

- Love these tips on how to nail the layered necklace trend!

- This robe! Whimsical and beautiful and light enough to wear all year.

- Our online SHOP is full of fun wines to crack open on Mother's Day, or to gift to your favorite mother figure. Go explore!

- A round-up of gorgeous airbnbs in wine regions around the world. Swoon!

- And finally, did you know that snowdrops (pictured above) are some of the first flowers to bloom in Spring? Sometimes straight out of the snow. 

Take care 'til next time!

—Emily Rentsch

FRIDAY FAVES // Earth Day Wines and Lots of Cake

Photo: Molnar Balint via Unsplash

Happy Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate? We're drinking wine (duh)! Read on for some wines we love that honor the earth, plus a few other fun things.

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.22.22


- Last year, we profiled wine from three organic wineries in honor of Earth Day. Check out the post here!

- I know that Is It Cake? (Netflix) sounds like a too-silly-to-consider concept for a reality show. BUT LISTEN. It is SO entertaining! Mikey Day (from SNL) is a hilariously unhinged host and the concept is way more fun than I imagined. Highly recommend.

- For a birthday this weekend, I'm making this extremely classic Confetti Cake by Calire Saffitz. It's going to be delightful with a frothy glass of Domaine des Terres Dorées 'FRV 100' sparkling Gamay.

- This is a thrilling read that I'm gobbling up.

- Can yeast be used to beat back climate change?

Have a sunny day!

—Emily Rentsch

FRIDAY FAVES // Dolly Parton's Kitchen, Plant Subscriptions, and More

Photo: Tanya Chuvpylova via Unsplash

Hi! Hope you're having an awesome Friday so far! Here are a few things we get kick out of. Enjoy.



- A peek into what Dolly Parton is like in the kitchen! You'll never guess what she fixes with her mac and cheese...

- Hey, if you're looking for something to drink with mac and cheese, might I recommend Buil & Giné 'Nosis' Verdejo?

- Speaking of cooking, here's an awesome list of things to cook when you just don't wanna.

- I'd also love to read this cookbook.

- This subscription box is "like weight-training for your thumb, but with plants."

- Bob's Burgers THE MOVIE!

Have a good one! 

—Emily Rentsch

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