[FRIDAY FAVES] The Secret to a Great Quiche, Creamy Chardonnay, and More!

Photo: Angèle Kamp via Unsplash

Hello, it's Friday! You made it! Now, behold a few of our favorite things from the week.

FRIDAY FAVES - 9.18.2020

- I have been making quiche constantly and I just learned a secret trick: Create a crispy cheese barrier to prevent soggy bottom crust

- Chunky, ultra-cool earrings from Lets Meet Friday.

- Loving all the good, warm Fall foods paired to wine. Especially some buttery roasted sweet potatoes with a glass of this creamy De Wetshof 'Bon Vallon' Chardonnay. Oof!

- For those nights when only mac 'n' cheese will do.

- If you love scary movies or you WANT to love scary movies, you've gotta check out The Scaredy Cats Horror Show. Perfect pre-Halloween entertainment.

Enjoy the weekend!

-- Emily Rentsch



[FRIDAY FAVES] Bloodwine, Brad Pitt, and More!

Photo: Adam Zuehlke

Welcome to our new weekly feature: Friday Faves! At the end of every week we'll highlight a smattering of things we're reading, drinking, and getting into at Sip Better. It's really just an excuse to gush about what we love right now.

Check out our first list below, and if you like it, come back next Friday!

FRIDAY FAVES - 9.11.20

- I guess Bloodwine is a thing? Any Star Trek fans out there?

- This bronzer stick is made with Chaga mushrooms! I haven't tried it yet but I keep hearing great reviews.

- Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend brought a little drama to the Miraval wine estate (the one he owns with Angelina!).

- All dressed up for the Kentucky Derby!

- Drinking this zesty Calabrian white wine. SO good with a grilled turkey burger. Or oysters. Or shrimp. Or a lobster roll!

Have a great weekend, friends!


-- Emily Rentsch

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