[FRIDAY FAVES] Dreaming of Hawaii and Relish Trays

Photo: Farsai Chaikulngamdee via Unsplash

It's Friday! Only 6 more days until Thanksgiving! Below are a few tidbits we are grateful for. 

FRIDAY FAVES - 11.20.20

- An absolutely CLASSIC gold heart locket that would make for a thoughtful keepsake.

- Inspired by the Great British Baking Show, I went searching for jelly cakes on Instagram. Woah! If you're looking for a whimsical rabbit hole to fall down, you should do the same.

- Plan a trip to Hawaii by cruising these stunning island rental homes. Drool!

- Did you know you can send a Sip Better tasting kit as a gift? No membership necessary.

- Remember relish trays?! Let's revive them this year for Thanksgiving! Bonus points if you put your spread on a vintage tray.

Take care this weekend!


—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] Puzzles, Cheese, and Cakes!

Photo: Leslee Miller

Good Friday to you! Here are a few things that are making us happy here at Sip Better. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 11.13.20

- This candy-colored gradient puzzle looks tough! But fun!

- Instagram poet, Kate Baer, just released her first book of poems. Each poem feels familiar and beautifully captures the experience of being a woman.

- Is there a cheese board in your future? Check out this post for the secret to a stunning cheese and wine situation!

- If you need a new book for your bedside table, here's a great list of the "Best-Ever Books by Celebrities."

- Need some (literal) eye candy? Scroll through Thirsty Whale Bakery's Instagram account for loads of gorgeous custom cake designs!

Have a wonderful weekend!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Ice Cream for Thanksgiving and More!

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Hello, Friday! The election is over(is it???) and it's time to relax. Read on for nice things:


- The marketing for Kristen Bell's CBD skincare line, Happy Dance, is HILARIOUS!

- Need to look at something beautiful? Check out local MN artist Daughters And Suns' custom portraits!

- This Chilean wine is perfect for all seasons. Seriously.

- Okay, did you know that Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream has a Thanksgiving collection??? You can buy it online! (Oh, and we have a Thanksgiving collection, too!)

- If you just can't stay away from election coverage, at least check out these funny election memes to keep you sane. 

Enjoy the weekend!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Stranger Things, Creepy Cocktails, and More

Photo: Ganapathy Kumar via Unsplash

Happy Halloweeeeeeen! We hope you've got some spooky plans for tomorrow! But for now, please enjoy this little list of things we liked this week:

FRIDAY FAVES - 10.30.20

- If you're spending Halloween night in, check out this round-up of spooky-licious cocktails

- We're revisiting a few episodes of Stranger Things on Halloween and we're planning on using this guide for which wines to drink with the show!

- Are you a lipstick person? Then you MUST check out these gorgeous lipsticks created by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge! Here's a little line from their official description to entice you: "Each bullet has the appearance of beautifully plush velvet fabric, a ‘trompe l’oeil’ that has to be seen to be believed." 

- Loving this chic way to display matches. Let the cozy candle nights begin!

- How cute are this family's group Halloween costumes?!

Have a safe weekend, friends!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Bubbles, Slippers, and Wes Anderson

Photo: Emily Rentsch

It's Friday, kids! We've been savoring sweets and feeling our civic duty over here at Sip Better. Read on for more fun things!

FRIDAY FAVES - 10.23.20

- We plan on celebrating voting early by mail (and the near end of this dang election!) with a glass of bubbly. Now THAT is what I call civic duty! Need a bubbly recommendation? We've got loads!

- Just got my copy of Dessert Person (pictured above) by Claire Saffitz, and boy does it shine! I spent last night flipping through it with a glass of Alvaro Palacios 'Camins del Priorat' and now I can't wait to make everything inside its pretty pages.

- Anne Hathaway stars in a lush and looney remake of "The Witches" (now streaming on HBO Max) and we are all in!

- Accidentally Wes Anderson (an Instagram account and book) is pure whimsy! Check it out when you're feeling blah.

- What if you were accidentally served a $2,000 bottle of wine?!

- I've been on a years long hunt for the best slippers and I think I've finally found them: Glerups! These...

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