[FRIDAY FAVES] Teen Favorites, a Great Rosé, and Bookish Gifts for Wine Lovers

Photo: Julia Peretiatko via Unsplash

Good day and thanks for coming by! Here's what we've rounded up for the weekend. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.30.21


- The teens have spoken: here's what's cool in 2021! (Cargo pants? Really?!)

- For your weekend socializing, grab a bottle of Bonny Doon 'Vin Gris de Cigare' Rosé. Leslee calls it a "gorgeously textured and layered rosé" that will impress even the snobbiest of pink drinkers. ;)

- Don't the Olympics make you feel good? We were especially excited to hear that Minnesota native (represent!) Sunisa Lee won the gold medal in women's gymnastics all-around.

- Cannot WAIT for Only Murders In The Building to premiere.

- What do you think of these silk scrunchies from Brooklinen?

- Cute, literary-themed gifts for the wine lover!

Have a great day!


—Emily Rentsch


What Makes A Wine Natural?

Photo: Trevor Gerzen

There are all sorts of wine buzzwords on the wind these days, but one that you might hear floating around more than usual is the term “natural wine.” Um, what?! The word “natural” means different things to different people. And it also applies to all sorts of different things in the world. So...what makes a wine natural? Let’s dig in.

I like to tell my wine students and friends that they should think about wine in the same way that they think about food. Some foods are whole, untouched, and come from pesticide-free land. Like an organic Honeycrisp apple! Other foods are processed and packaged, include preservatives, lots of salt, and other things that might enhance the food’s flavor or shelf life. Like, say, Cheez-Its!

Now whether you reach for the Honeycrisp apple or the Cheez-Its (or both!), you make your decision based on having lots of information about how each food is made. Right? It’s the same with wine!

There is a group of wines out there that are made to taste exactly the...

The Sip Better wine club is all about

  • Truly awesome wines.
    No re-packaged bulk juice here!
  • Introducing you to new wines,
    hand-picked by me, just for YOU
  • Supporting boutique,
    family-owned wineries
  • Fun & Education! You'll become an
    expert with our videos and tips