Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Leslee to start Sip Better?

Leslee's focus in the wine industry has always been: education, community, farming, wine-growing families and experience. One of her primary goals is to educate wine lovers of all levels by sharing unique and fun wine insights. In addition to education, her other mission is to make great wine accessible - to anyone! With Sip Better, we introduce you to new, awesome wines, hand-picked by Leslee, just for YOU; support boutique, family-owned wineries; and make your journey with the club fun and educational! You'll become an expert with our videos and tips.

How is Sip Better different than the other wine clubs out there?

Sip Better is based on YOUR individual wine palate! Because Sip Better's sommelier, Leslee, hand selects your next wine shipment based on how you rate the wine, each new shipment is based on YOUR individual palate. We don't use a generic form like ‘do you like milk or dark chocolate’ or ‘cream in your coffee’ to determine the wines you are going to like. Leslee will select wines based on what you taste and like. Together we will explore grapes beyond the ‘usual suspects’ you may be used to drinking daily. Explore the world of 10,000 grapes, produced by a variety of real winemaking families from around the globe with this one-of-a-kind hand curated wine club. Sip Better, a wine club based on wines selected for you, not wines so esoteric only a sommelier will love, but wines that new wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts alike will love.

Hey Leslee, in general, how would you recommend I select a wine club?

While we would LOVE for you to be a part of the Sip Better family, we understand that there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to selecting a wine club. Over the years, I've actually not only run winery wine clubs but have been a member to a large variety of them as well. My thoughts, pick a club that is suited for you! In all honesty, I don't need a mix tape, gummy bears or wine ad lib games in my wine club shipment. It's simple: when I join a wine club, I'm looking for good wine. Secondly, I know that fancy labels are alluring, but it is the ‘Brosé’ label that should attract you to a club, or is it the quality of the wine? Next, I like to know where my wine comes from JUST like I like to know where my food comes from. With Sip Better, I can guarantee you that I've either walked the vineyards from which I selected these wines, or have met the winemakers and their families personally. Quality for me is a must. And lastly, I'm in the world of wine because every day feels like an adventure and a journey. When I teach, write or talk about wine around the globe, I want my attendees to feel as though they have been right there with me in these regions. THAT is what I want Sip Better to do for you as well. To help you explore, move beyond your ‘usual suspects’ and sip in a new adventure every time you share a bottle of wine via the Sip Better Wine Club. So, come along and join me as we travel the world of wine together!

Clink, Clink -

How much does the Sip Better Wine Club cost?

There is not a membership fee to join Sip Better! The cost of the club with exclusive access to Sip Better's promotional offers, Leslee's videos, tasting tips, and more is simply the cost of the wine sent to you. Leslee will choose bottles ranging from $8.99 to $34.99, but you can expect a bottle average of around $16 in your club selections, not including your member discount. The cost of shipping & handling and tax are in addition to the cost of the wine.

How do I know which ‘tasting experience’ to order?

Let's look at it this way: the ‘Let it Rip’ kit is good for folks that aren't sure where their palate lies. It's a great tasting kit for folks that know they like wine, but don't know why they like certain attributes like acid, sugar, alcohol or tannins. This kit is a good easy start for anyone looking to explore their palate. I'll pick some easy going wines that I think you'll love!

‘The Bigger, The Better’ tasting kit is for folks who love the feeling of rich and bold, no matter the color. From wood to alcohol, tannins and beyond, this kit is for those who always head to the ‘big red’ or ‘big white’ areas of the wine list or ask their restaurant server to point them towards the sturdiest, richest wine on their list.

‘The Adventurer’ tasting kit is perfect for those looking to venture outside their comfort zone. You often find yourself reaching for Old World reds + whites, loaded with dirt, earth + texture. You're the type who asks your restaurant server to surprise you – either with a new grape, new region, or new style of wine. Pack your bags, Adventurer, we'll take your palate on a journey!

Why don't you charge a flat fee for each Sip Better wine club shipment?
Why is each club shipment a different price each month?

Because your personal sommelier, Leslee, is selecting individual wines from a variety of different grapes and regions from around the globe, there is not one set price per bottle. Other clubs purchase wine in bulk, then repackage it with cute labels. Hence why you cannot repurchase the wine. Sip Better offers better wine, from exceptional wineries and small growers from around the globe.

When can I expect my shipment and how many bottles are shipped with each Sip Better club shipment?

Four, six or twelve unique bottles are shipped monthly, quarterly or every other month in your Sip Better shipment, depending on your account settings. Your credit card will be charged on approx. the 15th of each shipping month and your wines will ship within the following ten-day period of your credit card charge.

Do I have to be at home to receive my wine club shipment?

Yes, an adult signature is required in order to receive your wine shipment. Adult recipients must be at least 21 years of age. For this reason, it may be easier to ship to your place of work, as anyone at least 21 years of age can receive the shipment. If you do not plan to be home at the time of your shipment, please provide a work address for delivery, choose in-store pickup, or have your wine delivered to a FedEx or Walgreens location near you.

If I like a wine from my shipment, can I reorder it?

Yes! Your Sip Better profile will store all of the wines sent to you, giving you the ability to reorder your favorites at any time.

What are wine flaws? How do I determine if my wine is flawed? How do I distinguish wine flaws from wines I don't like?

This is a great question! One, we can't guarantee you are going to love, love, love every single bottle of wine that comes to you. But this is why we ship you three different selections each month. We want you to start to look deeper into your likes and dislikes when it comes to wine, so you may find that you love some wines more than others. (Or, if we're lucky-you just love them all!) But we can guarantee you that we're sending you quality wines from quality producers. So no, unfortunately, if you just ‘don't like’ a wine, you are not able to send it back. But hey, knowing what you like is part of the adventure, right?

Secondly, yes wine can certainly be affected by technical flaws. Here are a couple of reasons why you would be able to email us to grab a return label for sending your wine back for a replacement or credit.


  • TCA (Smells like: corkiness, wet molded cardboard or a very dank basement –not be confused with dirty & earthy, which is good. Look primarily for the wet cardboard smell) – Where can TCA can come from: Corks, Barrels, Winery
  • Oxidation & Heat Damage (Smells like: dull fruit, cooked fruit, flat notes, sometimes nutty. What to look for: cork pushed through top foil, or wine is leaking) – Where these impacts can come from: Improper storage, wine treatment
Does Sip Better ship beer, too?

We do not ship beer, but beer will be available via the club. To begin, we may offer beer in our non-scheduled shipment months as special promotional offers. These are beers that Leslee recommends for the season! Beer will be available for pick up via our Twin Cities retail store.