Brunch Wine Pairings for Spring

Photo: Joseph Gonzalez

Why do the first signs of Spring conjure up visions of brunch? For us, it's the perky green veggies that are finally poking out of the ground, and that special morning light that begs to be celebrated with a long, meandering feast with friends and loved ones, at a table set with savory breakfast favorites and maybe a few sweet treats. And wine!

If you've got brunch on the mind, too, here are a few Sip Better wines we love drinking with classic brunchy foods, plus, a no-fail recipe for the most impressive Dutch Baby pancake. Clink, Clink!


We're talkin' steak and eggs, chilaquiles, veggie-filled frittatas, and anything with mushrooms, meat, peppers, onions or tomatoes! For those super savory breakfast foods, serve a light-bodied red like Bodegas Itxas Harri Beltza from Spain or Elena Walch Schiava.


From waffles to cinnamon rolls to dutch baby pancakes (recipe below), you'll want something sparkling and slightly sweet. Try the pretty pink Patrick...

A Note from Our Founder on International Women's Day

Dear Friends + Supporters of Sip Better, 
Happy International Women's Day!
Raised as an only child by a strong, independent, hardworking female entrepreneur, I can't tell you how much I value the support of my strong female community today. I am constantly in awe of the women in my life who work full-time jobs, raise strong, intelligent + independent children, nurture a household of many and seem to flawlessly manage their friendships and more while doing it. To my lady friends who have charged forward with their careers—I am astonished by your power, magnetism, brilliance + strength. You ALL inspire me to no end.  
With each year, I listen + lean harder into the relationships of my lady friends, colleagues and supporters as you all continue to teach me the lessons of patience and resilience. My strength now as a 20 year business owner—and just a month short of my 50th birthday—seems to be unstoppable. Still wide-eyed and open to the possibilities of business + life, I am a bit...

The Women Behind the Sip Better Wine Club

Photo: Left to right: Leslee, Addy, Emily
In honor of Women's History Month, we're highlighting the creative team at Sip Better, composed entirely of WOMEN.
First, a note from Leslee:
Meet the ladies of The Sip Better Wine Club's 'force'. 
When I think of the energy and the force it takes to run a small business, well...I'm already exhausted. But they say: if you surround yourself with positive, supportive + smart people, anything is possible. In reality, it makes EVERTHING possible.  
Enter Emily + Addy. Emily has literally been with my businesses, Amusée + Sip Better, for a decade (omg, that's half of Amusée's existence!!) and Addy—who's been with us for over a year + a half—in reality, it feels like we've known her forever.
Without this amazing dynamic duo full of creativity, energizing enthusiasm, jam-packed hilarity and brilliance, Sip Better would just not be the team we are today.
I raise my glass to these two beauties who keep me centered, focused, creative + best of all, keep me current. They remind me that I'm...

Busted! The Truth About 4 Common Wine Myths

Are you excited about wine but also...confused by it? Makes sense! There are many myths about wine floating around and a genuine dearth of accessible information on whether they are true or not. Often, the answers are complicated. Allow us to shed a bit of light on four of the biggest wine myths out there.


Sugar: is it bad, is it good, is it totally misunderstood? YES. The truth about sugar is that it is a crucial component in the winemaking process. Natural sugar, that is. When yeasts munch on naturally occurring sugars (found in wine grapes and all other fruits), they produce alcohol and myriad complex flavors that wine drinkers love.

But things get sticky (ha!) when wine producers ADD cane sugars and concentrates to that naturally sweet grape juice. Many big  producers—such as brands that rhyme with 'shapothic' and even a certain celebrity’s ‘clean’ wine brand— can add cane sugar and other junk to wine to create a richer, more voluptuous mouthfeel that...

6 Super Bowl Food and Wine Pairings

Photo: Emily Rentsch

Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse to break out the crunchy + hearty snacks our winter moods crave! Get ready for Super Bowl LVIII with these classic game day treats paired perfectly to Sip Better wine. (Yes, you can drink wine while watching football. It's allowed!)

Cheesy, crunchy, spicy, THE BEST. You gotta have nachos at your Super Bowl viewing party! Crunch away with a glass of this rustic Tuscan red full of juicy blackberry and cherry notes and tinge of pepper

Pizza and chicken wings might be the most iconic game day snack, and you should enjoy yours with this totally gulpable red wine. Its perfumey spice and palate loaded with blue fruit, red fruit, strawberry, cherry and more will keep you reaching for another glass. 

If you're a Zinfandel, Malbec or Merlot fan, you'll LOVE Lemberger! Juicy with blackberry, cocoa,...

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