FRIDAY FAVES // Nutella Fluff, Fancy Lemonade, and The Most Famous Bloodhound

Photo: Nikita Tikhomirov via Unsplash

Happy Fourth of July weekend! Eat some watermelon and get some sun!



- Um, how did I not know that Nutella Fluff was a thing?! Making this ASAP.

- We love Mary Taylor! Here's a great article on how she made a business out of her love for delicious European wines.

- This cantaloupe lemonade would taste extra refreshing topped with some bubbles! This sparkling Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect.

- My heart! The first bloodhound to win Westminster's best in show is a sweet and squishy dog called Trumpet!

- These ceramic plates are so cheeky, I can't stand it.

Thanks for reading!

FRIDAY FAVES // Surfing Winemakers, Stripey Cups, and How To Bottle Flowers

Photo: Valeria Bold via Unsplash

Good morning! Behold, a few summery morsels to soak up as you head into the weekend. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 6.24.22


- Mmm, brown butter tomatoes sound yummy.

- Don't forget that you CAN drink red wine in the summer heat! Here are some chillable options.

- Wine makers who surf!

- Inmates who make wine!

- These stripey wine cups are VERY of-the-times and look like they would be right at home on a beach.

- Every year I wish I could bottle the scent of the lilacs in my yard. I finally looked up how to do it!

See ya next week!

FRIDAY FAVES // Vineyard Vacays, Homemade Ice Cream, and More

Photo: Puk Khantho via Unsplash

Hi! It's super summery here in Minnesota. Wishing you a warm and adventure-filled weekend!

FRIDAY FAVES - 6.17.22


- Have you heard that Airbnb added a "vineyards" category to their accomodations? Time to take that wine country vacation!

- Yes, I DO want to make sheet pan pancakes!

- In the spirit of ice cream season, I re-watched this adorable episode of Gourmet Makes with Claire Saffitz from Bon Appétit.

- Did you know we sell canned wine?! It's so very perfect for summer picnics and beach days! Try this Sangiovese and this rosé from Broc Cellars.

- Let's all make this salad this summer, ok? It would taste great with a glass of this Spanish Garnacha.

Til next time!



FRIDAY FAVES // Gorgeous Travel Views, Quirky Vases, and A Day At The Beach

Photo: Wade Lambert via Unsplash

Hey there! We're ready for a sunny weekend, how 'bout you? Enjoy this list of fun things we found this week:

FRIDAY FAVES - 6.10.22


- Get your travel pants on with this Instagram account documenting one family's life on the road.

- National Rosé Day may be over (yesterday!), but you can still celebrate! Check out these to pinks we are loving right now: the fresh and zesty Ameztoi 'Rubentis' Rosé, the beautifully natural Broc Cellars 'Love' Rosé, and Pratsch Rosé from Austria.

- This is a brilliant packing list for a day at the beach! 

- What a quirky line of vases from Middle Kingdom and Urban Outfitters! This watering can would look great alongside them.

- How cute would your Dad (or you!) look in this 'fit to match his puppy?

Have a great weekend!

FRIDAY FAVES // How To Be More Analog, Jello Desserts, And All The Pink Wine

Photo: Sip Better

Hi! Welcome back! Please enjoy this list of goodies as you roll into a hopefully sunny/relaxing/amazing weekend. 



- I made my toddler Jell-O for the first time this week, and it made me wonder about all of the kooky (and kind of delicious looking?) Jell-O based desserts from way back when.

- We beefed up our rosé SHOP section for summer! Get your orders in ASAP, because these pink drinks are going fast (especially the six bottles shown above).

- How to make your life a little more analog.

- Hurray for these three African American trailblazers in the wine world!

- I love this podcast episode about "Disney adults!"

See ya!

—Emily Rentsch

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