Sip Better's 2020 Gift Guide for Wine Lovers of All Stripes

The holidays seem to start earlier each year. But right now—in 2020—we are all RUSHING to fill our hearts and homes with wintery cheer as soon as possible! So here we are, leaning into the best of what the world has to offer at the moment, with a lovely list of beautiful, nurturing, and delicious gift ideas for the wine(etc.) lovers in your life.

On this list we have tried to feature many local (to Minnesota) and small businesses that we love. We hope your plans for giving this year involve supporting the mom-and-pop shops around you. We could all use a little boost right now, right?

Please enjoy and Happy Holidays!


for the wine lover who has everything
photo by Peter Bucks via Unsplash



Adobe de Guadalupe Kerubiel | $62
Gorgeous, velvety wine from Mexico. Yes, Mexico! This bottle of red drinks well now but could be easily cellared for a few years. Something to look forward to!

A monthly floral subscription from Apricot Floral | $75/month (Minneapolis residents only)
Genevieve Wilson...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Dreaming of Hawaii and Relish Trays

Photo: Farsai Chaikulngamdee via Unsplash

It's Friday! Only 6 more days until Thanksgiving! Below are a few tidbits we are grateful for. 

FRIDAY FAVES - 11.20.20

- An absolutely CLASSIC gold heart locket that would make for a thoughtful keepsake.

- Inspired by the Great British Baking Show, I went searching for jelly cakes on Instagram. Woah! If you're looking for a whimsical rabbit hole to fall down, you should do the same.

- Plan a trip to Hawaii by cruising these stunning island rental homes. Drool!

- Did you know you can send a Sip Better tasting kit as a gift? No membership necessary.

- Remember relish trays?! Let's revive them this year for Thanksgiving! Bonus points if you put your spread on a vintage tray.

Take care this weekend!


—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] Puzzles, Cheese, and Cakes!

Photo: Leslee Miller

Good Friday to you! Here are a few things that are making us happy here at Sip Better. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 11.13.20

- This candy-colored gradient puzzle looks tough! But fun!

- Instagram poet, Kate Baer, just released her first book of poems. Each poem feels familiar and beautifully captures the experience of being a woman.

- Is there a cheese board in your future? Check out this post for the secret to a stunning cheese and wine situation!

- If you need a new book for your bedside table, here's a great list of the "Best-Ever Books by Celebrities."

- Need some (literal) eye candy? Scroll through Thirsty Whale Bakery's Instagram account for loads of gorgeous custom cake designs!

Have a wonderful weekend!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Ice Cream for Thanksgiving and More!

Photo: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Hello, Friday! The election is over(is it???) and it's time to relax. Read on for nice things:


- The marketing for Kristen Bell's CBD skincare line, Happy Dance, is HILARIOUS!

- Need to look at something beautiful? Check out local MN artist Daughters And Suns' custom portraits!

- This Chilean wine is perfect for all seasons. Seriously.

- Okay, did you know that Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream has a Thanksgiving collection??? You can buy it online! (Oh, and we have a Thanksgiving collection, too!)

- If you just can't stay away from election coverage, at least check out these funny election memes to keep you sane. 

Enjoy the weekend!

[RECIPE] It's All Gravy, Baby

Photo: Gaelle Marcel via Unsplash

My Dad likes to say that Gravy is his favorite food. When I was a kid, I thought this was a ridiculous choice for a favorite. I mean, gravy is liquid! And boring! Right?

Now, many years and hundreds of meals later, I think I finally get the appeal of this earthy, understated sauce. Gravy is truly the heart of a meal, reduced to a golden liquid that highlights and enriches everything else piled on your plate. It's the glitter, the pillow mint, the CHERRY on your Thanksgiving dinner table. A good gravy makes the whole meal sing.

We asked friend of Sip Better Chef Mike Shannon for his classic gravy recipe and are happy to pass it on to you, right here. Please enjoy, and don't forget the wine!

In Chef Mike's own words: Great gravy—that velvety, luscious, flavorful glaze—is about two things: Texture and flavor. The texture is just a balance of ratios, fat to flour to liquid. The flavor starts with great stock. Make your own if you can. If not, use high quality, unsalted stock—not broth....

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