[FRIDAY FAVES] Girl Scout Cookies, Cozy Blankets, and Soy Wine?

Hey hey, it's the weekend! Here are some cozy, delicious, and fasciinating finds to enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 1.21.22

- An indoor-outdoor waterproof blanket the color of a sunset? I'll take one!

- This is your reminder that Girl Scout cookies sales start next month! Their newest cookie, Adventurefuls, look super scrumptious. Quick question: Should we do Girls Scout cookie wine pairings?!

- What do you think of wine made from soy whey?

- I keep hearing about ILIA's Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment. Is it worth the hype? I must know!

- Ever heard of a "handkerchief pasta"? I want to wrap myself inside of one! And eat it with this Valpolicella, mmm.

Bye for now!

—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] Peloton Winos, Musical Delights, and More

Photo: photo nic via Unsplash

Hello, friend! Our crew has been on a little holiday break, but we're back and ready to talk wine with y'all again! To get you started, check out this list of stuff we like this week.

FRIDAY FAVES - 1.14.22

- First, here's a deep, dark, and handsome red blend for winter from Field Recordings. Drooling yet? Buy it here!

- Loving this repeat post on Wit & Delight about amping up your productivity with the Pomodoro Technique.

- Get out of your head for a minute with this delightful, almost-acapella version of "Let It Go" (yes, from Frozen) performed by Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and Idina Menzel of course.

- And speaking of Jimmy Fallon, he has a new game show?! It's called That's My Jam and it's a great way to watch your favorite pop stars make fun of themselves, as well as show off their musical skills. The first episode features a sing-off between Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson and let's just say it gave me goosebumps.

- Did you know about this subculture of wine-drinking Peloton...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Hot Soup, Wine Class and Sherpa Shoes

Photo: Artiom Vallat via Unsplash

Welcome to a new year! We hope you're finding lots of light throughout these darker winter days. Let us help with a few fun things on the internet. Enjoy!


- This soup is warm as a hug and only requires four ingredients!

- This month our somm, Leslee, is teaching a wine class in Minneapolis that digs into two hot topics: wine and wellness, and why shape matters when you choose a wine glass. If you're in the Twin Cities, you should sign up! Seats are limited and all attendees go home with 4 FREE RIEDEL WINE GLASSES. Excuse me.

- I love the reality show Selling Sunset, but as a new-ish mom, I was confused by the portrayal of one character's postpartum journey in the latest season. So was writer Doree Shafrir, and she writes about it here.

- Why can't I stop thinking about these mustard-hued high tops covered in sherpa?!

- Get your daily dose of true crime with the podcast Sweet Bobby. It delves deep into a real-life and decades-long catfishing scam in the U.K. VERY...

[FRIDAY FAVES] New Year's Eve Ideas, Drinks, and More

Happy New Year's Eve to you! We made it  through another one and that's something to celebrate. Enjoy the night(responsibly) and have fun with this list of stuff we liked on the internet this week:



- Don't box yourself in with Champagne this year. Here are 32 sparkling wines under $40!

- Leslee did a video review of the Hallmark Channel's new wines (oh I'm sorry, you didn't know they produced wine?!) at Amusée's Facebook page and it's a lot of fun. My favorite quote from the video is, "You know when you have green beans out of a can...?" :) Check it out!

- This might be one of the prettiest board games I've ever seen!

- Here are 11 lovely New Years Eve traditions from around the globe—get inspired!

- One of my favorite comedians, Naomi Ekperigin, has a new special within The Standups show on Netflix. Watch her episode for a little escape from the day.

- Are you a New Years Resolution person? I love the idea of picking one word to focus on and...

Wine + Holiday Cookies

Photo: Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash

It's baking season!

Whether you get down with a little sugar and flour in your own kitchen or opt to buy a smattering of holiday cookies from a local bake shop, we don't judge. But we do HIGHLY recommend you crack open a bottle of wine when you snuggle in with your dessert plate this winter.

Pairing wine to Christmas cookies and other festive treats is as easy as any other food and drink combination. Just remember that "like goes with like" (i.e. citrusy whites with lemon pound cake) and a good bottle of sparkling wine works beautifully with most decadent treats.

Below are a few of our favorite wine and cookie pairings to get you started. Happy Holidays and merry munching!



The Cookies
Gingerbread cut-outs, Pfeffernusse (German spice cookies), ginger snaps

The Wine
- Elena Walch Schiava: This light Italian red is laced with savory spice and a spot of pepper, making it the perfect compliment to warm-spiced cookies of all kinds

- Dr Konstantin Frank (Semi Dry)...

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