FRIDAY FAVES // Pasta Tarot, Easter Eats, and Dumpling Candles

Photo: Karsten Wurth via Unsplash

Hello! I hope your week was awesome. The ground is thawing out here in Minnesota! Life is good. Now read this list of fun things!

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.18.22


- A pasta-themed tarot deck? I could get into that...

- I love this Instagram account that chronicles one woman's ritual of taking a long, daily walk. It's lovely. Oh, and she has amaaaazing long white hair!

- The best part of Easter—in my opinion—are those addictive little Cadbury mini eggs. So crackly and creamy! Here are 10 things you might not know about this seasonal snack.

- Speaking of Easter! Have you checked out our Easter + Passover SHOP section? Leslee has picked out a bunch of wines to go with whatever you plan on feasting on during the spring holidays.

- Candles shaped like little dumplings? Um, excuse me?! 

Have a great weekend!

—Emily Rentsch


[FRIDAY FAVES] Wine for Easter, Our First Reel, and More

Photo: Emily Rentsch

Greetings from a very snowy Minnesota! I hope your week went well and that you find some delight in this list of goodies. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 2.25.22


- Midwinter definitely calls for Broccoli Cheddar Soup!

- Get a jump on Easter and Passover with this collection of wines to celebrate the holidays and Spring. Grab one, grab them all!

- I love these vintage postcard-style puzzles! Add some wine and you've got a cozy night in.

- Isn't stop motion animation magical?! Especially when it involves sabering some Champagne

- Hey, we made our first Instagram Reel! Check it out and let us know what you think!

- We're really gonna miss Minneapolis restaurant Sen Yai Sen Lek. Sadly, they are closing for good! If you're in the area, be sure to try their Khao Soi before they shutter on April 23rd.

- Jupiter is in Pisces, y'all! Keep your fingers crossed for great year.

Thanks for reading!

—Emily Rentsch


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