Pairing Wine to Our Favorite Dads in Pop Culture

Photo: Laker via Pexels

For Father's Day this year, we picked four of our favorite TV father figures and paired wine to their personalities. Highly recommend trying it for yourself! There are so many great dad-like characters (and wines) out there, right? Enjoy!

In many ways, Phil Dunphy of Modern Family could be the epitome of a suburban dad—three kids, nice house, Dad jokes for days. But what makes Phil special is his relentless optimism and whimsical nature. He's kind of like a big kid, and boy do we love him for it. 

Unico Zelo 'Fresh A.F.'
 | Riverland, South Australia, Australia
With its deep red hue, this fantastically hip Nero d'Avola reads like a stereotypically "dude" wine. But its whimsical notes of glazed blueberry hand pie and fresh, snappy wild berries give it a childlike essence that perfectly reflects Phil's sweet demeanor and contagious energy. Add a little chill to this one before you serve it to make it shine!

Like every character in The Last of Us, Joel Miller has been beaten...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Cryofacials, Autumn Harvest Salads, Turkey Day Wines, and More!

Photo: Евгения Пивоварова via Unsplash

With Thanksgiving right around the bend, we've compiled a list of our current faves that have us feeling both festive and thankful!

FRIDAY FAVES - 11.12.21

-If you've heard of the cryofacial, we're here to tell ya it's a pretty COOL treatment with even COOLER benefits. You might be wondering how vaporized nitrogenused to freeze the face, could possibly be relaxing...but we're here to tell ya, it actually is! Say buh-bye to fine lines and wrinkles and inflammation and hello to tighter pores and boosted collagen. Now that's something we can be thankful for!

- This Autumn Harvest Honeycrisp and Feta Salad recipe has our mouths watering and our hearts bubblin' since the Honeycrisp apple was developed in Minnesotathe state we call home. 

- Did you see the latest trailer for Stranger Things 4!? Summer 2022 seems pretty far away, but we're excited to pour some wine, pop some popcorn, and binge watch the new season!

- ICYMI our Turkey Day Wines Box has been suped up with some additionals...

Stranger Wines For Halloween

Photo: Netflix

October is the perfect time to binge watch (again) season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. I mean, what could be more Halloween-adjacent than a little weird and retro romp through Demagorgon-infested Hawkins, Indiana? Exactly.

Season three of Stranger Things brings the advent of The Mall, that glorious beacon of the 1980s. It’s new, it’s flashy, it’s...strange! Everyone in Hawkins loves it and the Starcourt Mall is really the center of some of the juiciest, most climactic moments in the season.

In the final scenes of the season, the Stranger Things gang splits up into smaller groups to more effectively kick the Mind Flayer's butt. Each group gets a code name to communicate with the others over walkie talkie: The Griswold Family, The Scoops Troop, and Bald Eagle (of course!). So, in the spirit of trying new and strange things, I’m recommending a super off-the-beaten-path wine to pair with each of the Stranger Things factions that face the Mind Flayer in this spooky and totally rad...

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