Pairing Wine to Our Favorite Moms in Pop Culture

If your mom were wine, what would she be? In honor of Mother's Day, we took a crack at pairing wines to some of our favorite moms in pop culture and it was so much fun, we might make it a regular thing. Try it for yourself! 

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you know that the only thing it's more famous for than its idyllic Autumnal setting is Lorelai and Rory's crazy eating habits. Lorelai is the quintessential Cool Mom, and both she and Rory subsist largely on diner food, gallons of coffee, and take-out. We found the perfect wine for Lorelai and the best part? It's great with take-out of ANY kind!

Union Sacré 'Sangio' Carbonic Sangiovese | Paso Robles, California
This Carbonic Sangiovese is lite, brite + candied cherry with an extremely bodacious personality! Zesty with raspberry + berry notes.  Def ready to drink! Serve it with a chill + get ready to chilllll with a little Gilmore Girl throwback sesh!

We like her for her raspy voice and love her for her role as the moral...

FRIDAY FAVES // No-Bake Tahini Bars, Wine Country Travel, and A Unicorn Robe

Photo: Nadya Shuran via Unsplash

Hello! It's Fridaaaaay! Go ahead and relax with this little list of stuff we're loving right now.

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.29.22


- This kid really took advantage of her first communion!

- Peanut butter cups have NOTHING on these extremely silky and delicious no-bake Tahini bars.

- Love these tips on how to nail the layered necklace trend!

- This robe! Whimsical and beautiful and light enough to wear all year.

- Our online SHOP is full of fun wines to crack open on Mother's Day, or to gift to your favorite mother figure. Go explore!

- A round-up of gorgeous airbnbs in wine regions around the world. Swoon!

- And finally, did you know that snowdrops (pictured above) are some of the first flowers to bloom in Spring? Sometimes straight out of the snow. 

Take care 'til next time!

—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] Wine For Mother's Day, Laotian Street Food, and More

Photo: Mimipic Photography via Unsplash

Welcome to the weekend! We've got a short list of goodies you might like to peruse in preparation. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.23.21


- I'm guessing there's a dad in your life who can relate to these hilarious t-shirts!

- Speaking of parents! We've got a whole juicy shop section full of wines to gift your mom this Mother's Day! The Marisco 'Ned' Pinot Gris is particularly delightful and celebratory (it tastes like a juicy bowl of melon + strawberry).

- Ummm, West Elm has a kids collection now? Cute little people furniture? I'm in!

- Do you miss going to the movies as much as I do? This piece on why the heck movie theaters look the way they do (those crazy carpets!) is a total nostalgia trip.

- If you're in the Minneapolis area, don't miss the Broken English pop-up menu at Restaurant Alma this Sunday night! Chef Dan Manosack makes Lao-American style street food and it is GOOD.

Have a great day!

5 Homemade Mother's Day Meals

Photo: Dylan Nolte via Unsplash

Mother's Day is this weekend and we're thinking it might just be the perfect time to revive the old breakfast-in-bed idea. It's thoughtful, easy to execute at home, and sooo totally vintage [wink]. Whether you want to crank out something warm and sweet for breakfast or treat your mother figure to a classy dinner, below you'll find some excellent ideas, including a recipe from our friend Chef Mike Shannon. Get inspired! What sort of treat would make your mom swoon this Sunday?

Oooooh baby, these morsels look decadent! This recipe for Chocolate Swirl Buns is Deb Perelman's simplified take on traditional, chocolatey Babka. All the gooey pockets of chocolate you could want, but much easier to execute. Nice!
PAIR WITH: Domaine des Terres Dorées "FRV 100" - This frothy, raspberry-laced Gamay will pick up on all those chocolatey notes.

photo by Sheri Silver via Unsplash

DUTCH BABY | New York Times Cooking
THIS is one of my personal favorite show-stopping...

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