[FRIDAY FAVES] A Great Non-Alcoholic Wine (Seriously)

Photo: Tamara Schipchinskaya via Unsplash

Happy Inauguration week! Here are some wonderfully NON-political things you might like:

FRIDAY FAVES - 1.22.21

- WE'VE FOUND IT: A delicious non-alcoholic wine! Actually, we've found TWO of them! Our sommelier, Leslee, personally endorses these two zero-proof whites. Give them a shot if you're trying to cut back. They also make great  gifts for the pregnant or sober friend.

- Make-up inspired by Animal Crossing? I'd buy it!

- Six ways to open up a bottle without a bottle opener! These are the skills that matter.

- I'm excited for the debut of these 2021 movies!

- Ok, I couldn't help myself. This is a leeeeetle political, but mostly just hilarious: Bernie Sanders on the Stone Arch Bridge.

Have a nice weekend!

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