FRIDAY FAVES // Earth Day Wines and Lots of Cake

Photo: Molnar Balint via Unsplash

Happy Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate? We're drinking wine (duh)! Read on for some wines we love that honor the earth, plus a few other fun things.

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.22.22


- Last year, we profiled wine from three organic wineries in honor of Earth Day. Check out the post here!

- I know that Is It Cake? (Netflix) sounds like a too-silly-to-consider concept for a reality show. BUT LISTEN. It is SO entertaining! Mikey Day (from SNL) is a hilariously unhinged host and the concept is way more fun than I imagined. Highly recommend.

- For a birthday this weekend, I'm making this extremely classic Confetti Cake by Calire Saffitz. It's going to be delightful with a frothy glass of Domaine des Terres Dorées 'FRV 100' sparkling Gamay.

- This is a thrilling read that I'm gobbling up.

- Can yeast be used to beat back climate change?

Have a sunny day!

—Emily Rentsch

6 Wines To Chill This Summer

Photo: Amusée

Do these humid, 90-degree days (at least, that's what it like here in Minnesota) have you dreaming about a slippery, sweating glass of cold white wine? We're with you!

One of the many magical features of wine is that it can totally transform depending on its temperature. A cool wine often feels a little tighter, a little brisker and a little less opulent than a room temperature one. Putting a little chill on a wine can also highlight different notes in flavor that might suprise you!

Summer's heat is the perfect excuse to start experimenting with chilled wines, especially reds that you might normally relegate to colder months. There are loads of light-bodied red grapes out there that shine when served cool! So clear a little space in your fridge and start below, with our list of 6 wines to chill this summer.


LIOCO 'Indica' Rosé | Mendocino County, CA
This rosé of Carignan is the perfect full-flavored but high-acidity wine to gulp on the patio this summer. On...

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