[FRIDAY FAVES] Pink Wine, Flowers, And A Big Salad

Photo: Eric Barbeau via Unsplash

Happy Friday and Happy May! I hope the sun is shining where you are and that you enjoy these little gems from the internet:


- I highly recommend making this hot and tangy vegetarian soup! At first glance, it doesn't seem like much, but it's totally invigorating and so easy to throw together.

- You don't have to have a green thumb to appreciate this advice on the best flowers for a container garden.

- Just in time for fresher weather, Leslee did a live tasting of almost half of the 31 different rosés we carry! Check it out on Facebook!

- Watch this charming video tutorial from Food52 on making an exciting big salad. So cute!

- This kitchen makeover is inspiring me to pick up a paintbrush!

Have a great day!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Wine For Mother's Day, Laotian Street Food, and More

Photo: Mimipic Photography via Unsplash

Welcome to the weekend! We've got a short list of goodies you might like to peruse in preparation. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.23.21


- I'm guessing there's a dad in your life who can relate to these hilarious t-shirts!

- Speaking of parents! We've got a whole juicy shop section full of wines to gift your mom this Mother's Day! The Marisco 'Ned' Pinot Gris is particularly delightful and celebratory (it tastes like a juicy bowl of melon + strawberry).

- Ummm, West Elm has a kids collection now? Cute little people furniture? I'm in!

- Do you miss going to the movies as much as I do? This piece on why the heck movie theaters look the way they do (those crazy carpets!) is a total nostalgia trip.

- If you're in the Minneapolis area, don't miss the Broken English pop-up menu at Restaurant Alma this Sunday night! Chef Dan Manosack makes Lao-American style street food and it is GOOD.

Have a great day!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Forest Bathing, Pasta News, and Pink Wine

Photo: Loren Cutler via Unsplash

Good daaaay! Thanks for stopping by on your way into the weekend. Here are a couple of things we like right now.

FRIDAY FAVES - 4.16.21


- There's a new pasta shape in town!

- This podcast interview with Dr. Alex Anderson (an anesthesiology specialist in MN) on the joy of working in medicine (even during Covid), pumping herself up with Billie Eilish tunes, and embracing her head of gray hair is beautiful, bright, and inspiring. The podcast in general (Forever35) is also great for self care enthusiasts!

- All about forest bathing, which sounds like perfect medicine right now.

- Here are many, MANY rosés to add to your spring wine list. 

- Leslee's gift box company is now LIVE online! Go check out the website and let us know what you think!

- Holy wow, this list of the best (and quirkiest) Airbnbs in the UK is inspiring! I can't wait to hop a plane in the near future.

Have a lovely weekend!

What Makes A Wine Natural?

Photo: Trevor Gerzen

There are all sorts of wine buzzwords on the wind these days, but one that you might hear floating around more than usual is the term “natural wine.” Um, what?! The word “natural” means different things to different people. And it also applies to all sorts of different things in the world. So...what makes a wine natural? Let’s dig in.

I like to tell my wine students and friends that they should think about wine in the same way that they think about food. Some foods are whole, untouched, and come from pesticide-free land. Like an organic Honeycrisp apple! Other foods are processed and packaged, include preservatives, lots of salt, and other things that might enhance the food’s flavor or shelf life. Like, say, Cheez-Its!

Now whether you reach for the Honeycrisp apple or the Cheez-Its (or both!), you make your decision based on having lots of information about how each food is made. Right? It’s the same with wine!

There is a group of wines out there that are made to taste exactly the...

5 Wines to Grill and Chill With This Summer

Photo: Jo Jo

Sure, you could have beer at your next barbecue. But why not play the wild card and pair your smokey outdoor eats with WINE?

Pairing wine to grilled meats and vegetables is a lot easier than you think. Just make sure neither the food nor the drink overpowers the other. So, if you've got a super savory marinated steak, you'll need a heartier wine--like a Cabernet or Zinfandel--to stand up to its big ole flavor. Similarly, try a lighter bodied wine that's full of fruit when enjoying the more delicate flavors of grilled zucchini or pork chops.

Pro tip: Try chilling light-bodied reds (Pinot Noir, Gamay, Frappato, lighter Nebbiolos) before serving them. They'll taste extra fresh and keep you cool while you man the grill.

Below are some of my favorite red wines to grill and chill with in the summertime, complete with some handy little pairing ideas:

1. Elk Cove 'Estate' Pinot Noir Rosé | Willamette Valley, Oregon
This sunset-colored rosé of Pinot Noir is all juicy, tart cherry and rose petals...

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