[FRIDAY FAVES] Teen Favorites, a Great Rosé, and Bookish Gifts for Wine Lovers

Photo: Julia Peretiatko via Unsplash

Good day and thanks for coming by! Here's what we've rounded up for the weekend. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.30.21


- The teens have spoken: here's what's cool in 2021! (Cargo pants? Really?!)

- For your weekend socializing, grab a bottle of Bonny Doon 'Vin Gris de Cigare' Rosé. Leslee calls it a "gorgeously textured and layered rosé" that will impress even the snobbiest of pink drinkers. ;)

- Don't the Olympics make you feel good? We were especially excited to hear that Minnesota native (represent!) Sunisa Lee won the gold medal in women's gymnastics all-around.

- Cannot WAIT for Only Murders In The Building to premiere.

- What do you think of these silk scrunchies from Brooklinen?

- Cute, literary-themed gifts for the wine lover!

Have a great day!


—Emily Rentsch


[FRIDAY FAVES] Bread Salad, Pools For Rent, and How To Have The Best Vacation

Photo: Maddi Bazzocco via Unsplash

Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by. Please enjoy some things we've loved this week:

FRIDAY FAVES - 7.15.21

- If your garden (or farmers market) is bursting with tomatoes, make yourself a classic panzanella.

- We're giving away some luxe prizes over on our Instagram page, as part of our Destination Rosé event. Go toss your name in the hat!

- Did you know you can rent pools by the hour? Swimply is like the Airbnb of pools in your area.

- I just started the book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking The Stress Cycle and it is GREAT. If you are a woman in the world—and especially if you're a parent or caregiver of any kind—this book is a wake-up call.

- Planning a vacation? Here are 6 surprising ways to fully enjoy your trip.

Have a great day!

—Emily Rentsch

6 Wines To Chill This Summer

Photo: Amusée

Do these humid, 90-degree days (at least, that's what it like here in Minnesota) have you dreaming about a slippery, sweating glass of cold white wine? We're with you!

One of the many magical features of wine is that it can totally transform depending on its temperature. A cool wine often feels a little tighter, a little brisker and a little less opulent than a room temperature one. Putting a little chill on a wine can also highlight different notes in flavor that might suprise you!

Summer's heat is the perfect excuse to start experimenting with chilled wines, especially reds that you might normally relegate to colder months. There are loads of light-bodied red grapes out there that shine when served cool! So clear a little space in your fridge and start below, with our list of 6 wines to chill this summer.


LIOCO 'Indica' Rosé | Mendocino County, CA
This rosé of Carignan is the perfect full-flavored but high-acidity wine to gulp on the patio this summer. On...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Spanish Rosé, Mango Pie, and One Freaky Pool

Photo: Emily Webster via Unsplash

Hello, friend! Get your sunny weekend started with this whimsical list of internet fun. Enjoy!


- This leopard-print backpack from Baggu looks like a killer summer accessory!

- Get lost in these cutesy photos of amigurumi (little 3D crocheted items). New hobby alert?

- June 12th is National Rosé Day! Stock up here. The Bodegas Itxas Harri Roxa Rosé from Spain is particularly lovely: bright with minerality and delicate fruit.

- Would you swim in this pool?

- I've never had mango pie before and I think my life is about to change for the better. YUM.

Enjoy your weekend!

[FRIDAY FAVES] Memorial Day Treats, Local Flowers, and Important Life Hacks

Photo: Irina Iriser via Unsplash

Happy Friday to you! Please enjoy some of our current favorite internet finds as you head into the weekend.

FRIDAY FAVES - 5.14.21

- A gorgeously simple spring dessert featuring berries and rosé. This would be perfect for a Memorial Day celebration!

- Speaking of summer celebrations, check out our new SHOP section stuffed with wines that are best enjoyed outdoors.

- Minneapolis urban flower farm, Northerly Flora, is selling bouquet subscriptions! Treat yourself to a wild and wonderful bouquet each week, grown, harvested and arranged by owner and farmer Molly Gaeckle

- Holy life hack! Check out these beautifully crafted pottery cabinet knobs and handles you can use to upgrade basic IKEA furniture.

- Fourteen New Yorker covers that poignantly portray pandemic life (which we can hopefully say good-bye to soon!).

Have an excellent weekend!

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