FRIDAY FAVES // Pasta Tarot, Easter Eats, and Dumpling Candles

Photo: Karsten Wurth via Unsplash

Hello! I hope your week was awesome. The ground is thawing out here in Minnesota! Life is good. Now read this list of fun things!

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.18.22


- A pasta-themed tarot deck? I could get into that...

- I love this Instagram account that chronicles one woman's ritual of taking a long, daily walk. It's lovely. Oh, and she has amaaaazing long white hair!

- The best part of Easter—in my opinion—are those addictive little Cadbury mini eggs. So crackly and creamy! Here are 10 things you might not know about this seasonal snack.

- Speaking of Easter! Have you checked out our Easter + Passover SHOP section? Leslee has picked out a bunch of wines to go with whatever you plan on feasting on during the spring holidays.

- Candles shaped like little dumplings? Um, excuse me?! 

Have a great weekend!

—Emily Rentsch


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