FRIDAY FAVES // Marshmallow Sandals, Underwater Wines, and Terrazzo Moments

Photo: Veronika Jorjober via Unsplash

Hey, thanks for stopping by! We're getting ready for snow-free weekend here in Minneapolis. Hurray! And here are a few things we've been thinking about.

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.25.22

- My mind is on sandal weather. What do we think about these bright pink marshmallow slides?!

- Hey, Justin Beaver!

- Wines aged under water? It's a thing!

- This tomato soup over on Wit&Delight looks luscious. Pair it with a wine from our Soup SHOP section!

- I love a terrazzo moment and these bookends are a DELIGHT. Actually, this entire Etsy store is a delight!

Have a lovely day!

—Emily Rentsch

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