Delicious Wine Gifts for Boss' Day

Photo: Mateus Campos via Unsplash

We know this month is all about Halloween, but don't forget that Boss' Day is on October 16th! Show your appreciation for the gal in charge with one of these delicious wine gifts she can enjoy in her downtime. Which one suits your boss best?


This sort of boss is inspiring! She sets a clear vision and mission for her employees and then lets them have it, on their own terms. She's great at giving feedback and making her expectations clear.
The Gift: Rare Wine Co. Historic Series 'New York' Malmsey Special Reserve Madeira, for a singular sipping experience


A democratic boss values your input! She lets the majority rule and is always asking her employees to weigh in and bring their ideas to the table.
The Gift: A selection of wines from Our Female Winemakers shop section, so she can support her peers


This sort of boss pushes you to reach your full potential! She excels at motivating her employees to do their best work and beyond. And she's always right by your side.
The Gift: The Adventurer tasting kit, to keep her palate excited and guessing


A coaching boss is patient! She loves to teach her employees new things and watch them grow into their roles. She's always presenting them with opportunities to expand their horizons.
The Gift: Chateau de Rouanne Brut Nature, a complex sparkling rosé wine to help her celebrate her successes

—Emily Rentsch

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