FRIDAY FAVES // Nutella Fluff, Fancy Lemonade, and The Most Famous Bloodhound

Photo: Nikita Tikhomirov via Unsplash

Happy Fourth of July weekend! Eat some watermelon and get some sun!



- Um, how did I not know that Nutella Fluff was a thing?! Making this ASAP.

- We love Mary Taylor! Here's a great article on how she made a business out of her love for delicious European wines.

- This cantaloupe lemonade would taste extra refreshing topped with some bubbles! This sparkling Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect.

- My heart! The first bloodhound to win Westminster's best in show is a sweet and squishy dog called Trumpet!

- These ceramic plates are so cheeky, I can't stand it.

Thanks for reading!

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