You Don't Have to Be Rich to Be My Wine - 3 Great Wines Under $12

Photo: spotted at Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

When you first start learning about wine, it can feel a little freaky to drop $20 or $30 on what you’ve heard is a “nice” bottle.

Wine labels aren’t always forthcoming (or even in your own language!), so you could be left fending for yourself, taking anyone and everyone’s advice and just defaulting to what’s most expensive. Because what the heck do YOU know?

But that, my friend, is no way to live. And! There are plenty of affordable wines out there (like, cheaper-than-a-cocktail affordable!) that are truly delicious and compromise nothing in the way of value. I’m here to clue you in! Once you’ve got these 3 wines in your back pocket, you’ll start developing your palate and gain the confidence and courage to continue learning and seeking out other wines. Maybe even some of those “nice” bottles? It’s all up to you.

Here are 3 wines under $12 that you should try:

1. Evolúció (Dry) Furmint | Tokaj, Hungary

Furmint is the most prolific grape in Hungary, and you’ll usually find it featured in a rich and honey-like dessert wine called Tokaj. But! This particular Furmint is crisp and bone dry while still highlighting the grape’s honey and apricot characteristics. It’s a bangin’ wine to have with a cheese plate or to simply enjoy on a summer’s night. Clink, clink! BUY THIS WINE >>

2. Cavas Masachs ‘Mas Fi’ Brut Cava | Penedés, Spain

A great Cava is like a magic wand. Whip it out at parties and impromptu gatherings and watch it sparkle! This one smells like white flowers and a salty summer breeze, and when it hits the glass, it blooms into a frothy, creamy head that’s hard to deny. And HI, it’s only eleven bucks! BUY THIS WINE >>

3. Paris Valley Road Cellars Cabernet | Central Coast, California

Here’s an affordable wine that’s sure to please all sorts of red wine drinkers. Yes, even you light-bodied-red lovers will enjoy the soft, wild strawberry fruit found in this Cabernet blend. It’s not too tannic and it pairs well with a little grilled pork loin and veggies. Stash it now for your next cookout! BUY THIS WINE >>

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